Business Broadband

Fast, Superfast and Ultrafast packages with flexible term contracts and speeds of up to 1Gbps

These are our most popular broadband services, for more information speak to one of our team to help choose the best product for you.


Fast – ADSL Broadband

ADSL is the most readily available connection in the UK, delivered over a copper telephone line with download speeds up to* 24Mbps

Fast – up to* 24Mbps


Widely available

Suitable for low usage + voice traffic


Superfast – FTTC Broadband

Fibre to the cabinet is the most common type of fibre connection in the UK. Fibre is run from the BT exchange to the local street cabinets (green boxes) and then swaps to a copper telephone line from the cabinet to your building. Offering speeds of up to* 76Mbps

Superfast – up to* 76Mbps


Widely available

Suitable for moderate to heavy traffic


Ultrafast – G.Fast

G.Fast utilizes a similar transport as FTTC, meaning it’s far more widely available than FTTP but with new technology, data is allowed to travel much faster. In short, G.Fast is a Supercharged FTTC connection offering speeds of up to* 300Mbps.

Ultrafast – up to* 300Mbps


More readily available than FTTP

Suitable for heavy traffic


Ultrafast – FTTP

Fibre To The Premises is exactly what is says on the tin – That is a fibre optic cable all the way to your premises. Offering massive speeds of up to* 1Gbps (1000Mbps). However, because of the additional infrastructure required this product is currently far less available across the UK than FTTC or G.Fast.

Ultrafast – up to* 1Gbps


Suitable for heavy traffic

For more options see our Leased Line Packages

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Key Benefits of Chiltern Business Broadband

Reliabilty: Our products are continuously tested and improved to ensure the maximum performance

Unlimited: Unlimited data allowances mean you’ll never need to worry about your usage

Service: As with all our products, we pride ourselves on our customer service and are dedicated to ensuring you have the perfect solution for your business