Leased Lines

Dedicated circuits with guaranteed performance,
with speeds of up to 1Gbps

There are a number of solutions available when it comes to a business Leased Lines depending on your specific requirements. Below are a few of our most popular options:

Ethernet over FTTC (EoFTTC)

EoFTTC is unique in that it runs over the copper network using FTTC. Because of this an EoFTTC circuit can be delivered in as little as 15 working days.

Speed: 2Mbps – 20Mbps

Lead time: from 15 business days

Delivery: Copper / FTTC

Allowance: Unlimited symmetrical bandwidth

Ethernet First Mile (EFM)

EFM is a level up from EoFTTC, instead of running over a single copper pair, EFM runs over multiple copper pairs increasing speed and building in resilience.

Speed: 1Mbps – 35Mbps

Lead time: from 30 business days

Delivery: Aggregated copper pairs

Allowance: Unlimited symmetrical bandwidth

Fibre Ethernet

Fibre Ethernet is our fastest and most resilient product, delivered directly over either 100Mbps or 1Gbps bearers.

Speed: 10Mbps / 100Mbps / 1Gbps

Lead time: from 35 – 60 business days

Delivery: Direct 100Mbps or 1Gbps bearers

Allowance: Unlimited symmetrical bandwidth

For more options see our Business Broadband packages

Key Benefits of a Chiltern Leased Line

Reliabilty: Our products are continuously tested and improved to ensure the maximum performance

Scalable: Upgrade your bandwidth with minimal notice as and when your requirements change

Service: As with all our products, we pride ourselves on our customer service and are dedicated to ensuring you have the perfect solution for your business

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